Magic is a form of art that deals with the manipulation of enegy and forces within a certain object, whether living or not. Only the power of Void can supply the extreme need of magic.


The use of magic traces back to the old times, since the dawn of the first civilizations that strive to survive the old days of deprivation and destitution. People desperately tried to salvage the Lost Arts, believing they could change their lives and their destinies with a use of sorcery. Magic became their source of salvation.

Before flouda was separated into two different coexisting worlds, the Wandering Spirits already existed for a reason of protecting the treasures of the Ancients. These beings are capable of several things like the ability to fly, to possess, and to read minds. The Grand Rift causes the great decrease of number of spirits, and thus preservation of the ability of spiritual magic is losing.

The spirits were the first one to. exist. When their numbers began to decrease,