Khymeia, or recently called Alchemy, is a kind of science that deals with alteration of the chemical properties of a specific object. It is often mistaken with Manipulation Magic.


Laws of AlchemyEdit

To perform such a wonderful alchemical product, one should follow the laws of alchemy. The Khymeian Code was written by Imothep to those who believed His magic. The code was transcribed in a stone tablet written in a language older than the cuneiform:

  1. The Law of Apprehension
  2. The Law of Annihilation
  3. The Law of Re-conceptualization
  4. The Law of Realization

These four are not particularly necessary to perform Alchemy. It could only be the first three, or with the aid of the fourth law. The Law of Realization helps in reconstructing something by sustaining something that is not even pre-existing at the first place.

Law of ApprehensionEdit

This law states that: "One must understand the physical, chemical, and spiritual composition of a matter before demolishing and reconstructing it. If one does not apprehend what he changes, then the change won't be fruitful."

There are different kinds of apprehending. One is defined to be apprehending by a matter's relevance to the creature's senses. It involves its appeal to the sense of sight, sense of hearing when moving, sense of taste when edible, sense of touch when it made contact with the host, and the sense of smell.

Another way of understanding a matter is by knowing its chemical composition. A gold can be identified with pure Au, or with other metals like Cu, and others. Air is mostly defined with different gases present in our environment.

Law of AnnihilationEdit

The law states that : "When one understood what compromises a certain matter physically, chemically and spiritually, the inner force volutarily alters the composition of a certain material, until it becomes completely unstable."

The aura of the person becomes the string that controls the inner life force of a matter. Many enthusiasts remain on this level for they can't simply apprehend what to do next after annihilating a compound. With their senses unbugged, they should still control the elements found within and mold into a new object.

Law of Re-conceptualizationEdit

The law states that: "After altering a certain matter, one should retain the ability to apprehend its physical, chemical and spiritual composition to mold it into a newer material."

Nine Pillars of AlchemyEdit