Astra, or the Stars, are primordial creatures that are told to live billions of years before the the start of human race. They are said to be the one who made the worlds, the voids, and everything that is found in this universe. They are the ones who made the Gods, and those are the ones who created humans and other beasts.


It is not clear how the Astras are made or created. Based on the Book of History, they are the Beginning and the End of all things, suggesting that they created themselves out of the different wills of the living. According to the old myth of the story, there were four souls that made up the Juni (Universe): the Fierce, the Calmness, the Strong, and the Amiable. Together, their will were purified that the Almighty Deity put Himself into each souls and personified each of them as He. They were called Astra—each of them having power, no one is greater than another.

The Four AstraEdit

The ancient myth of the Astra was passed down from different generations, until it was no longer acknowledged by the Human Civilization. According to the Elders, their ancestors were divided into four parenthood, in which each one represents a will of power.


Eir is believed to be the very first Astra, deriving from the will of the Amiable. Its powers are focused in balance, creation, and the use of imagination. The element of Eir is the Air, and all the willpower that belongs to the said element are all because of the Astrae Eir. Its first child is Libra , the next is Gemini , and lastly, Aquarius .


Igna is the second soul of the Almighty Deity whose origin is from the Fierce. Its powers consist of enthusiasm, passion, instincts and emotions. Igna's also called as the Fire. All the feelings and emotions felt boil down to one creature, and that is the Astrae Igna. Its children are first, Leo , then Aries , and Sagittarius .


From the spirit of the Strong comes Teros, the third soul of the Almighty Deity. Reasoning, the Physical Strength and the Coldness of the heart compromises the powers of Teros. It's the symbol for the Earth element. All the things for practicality made Teros to be acknowledged. The children of Teros are Virgo , Capricorn and Taurus .


The spirit of Calmness yields the water spirit of the Almighty Deity, Limfos. Sensitivity, the Inner Strength and also the emotions are the power of Limfos. All the things that relates to the spirit of one is a praise for Limfos. Its children are Cancer , Scorpio , and Pisces .